Air Suvidha Self Reporting Form Sample

All passengers must submit an engagement form on the online portal in which they agree to follow the instructions of the competent governmental authority to be followed for 14 days or as prescribed in home quarantine or self-monitoring of their state of health. Hello Aditi! Please make sure to fill out the form during working hours in India. Can we know if there is a message on the error screen? Hello Bhadresh! Hello to you too! Because you are asymptomatic and have a negative COVID-19 report from the United States, you are not subject to home quarantine at your destination. If you are not travelling in need of a death in the family, you do not need to complete the exemption form. The only form you need to fill out and submit on Air Suvidha is self-declaration, even after receiving the negative RT-PCR exam. Hi, I`m traveling from Newark to Frankfurt and then I switch to a Frankfurt-Delhi flight. All lufthansa, but different flight numbers and different PNR for each route, as I bought them separately. What do I need to enter on the Air Suvidha form for the country of origin, PNR number and flight number? Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely, Srirupa I am traveling on December 3rd and I asked for an exemption showing my appointment letter, but they refused and said please download RT-PCR with stamp and signature. I will have a test done tomorrow, that is, on the morning of December 1st, within 72 hours. Can I still download after the test? Since my clinic says they will give me the receipt once I take the test, can I download it? If I can, do I have to repeat the self-declaration form? Connecting flights have different flight numbers, which number should I use to fill out the form? There is room for only one. Do I have to fill out the Air Suvidha form on January 6 (the day before I leave for the United States)? Can I update the Air Suvidha form on January 17 after taking another PCR test in Dubai – before boarding the flight to Hyderabad on January 17? Thank you.

What is the port of origin and the port of entry? And I have a connecting flight from Jeddah to Kuwait and then to Mumbai. From there by train to Pune. Now please help fill out the form that made my flight on 4. January is I feel the Air Suvidha travel form after filling in all the sections and when sending I receive the message “Flight number / tail number must not allow at least 4 to a maximum of 6 alphanumeric value, spaces and special characters” However, I checked the flight number and there are no spaces or special characters its BA0119, Please show me, what I do wrong flying from the Caribbean in 7 hours. I don`t know if anyone has ever asked this question, but I have this question, if someone has tested positive for Covid, then in some cases that person will probably test positive for the next 3 months. For entry into the United States and Canada, they have provisions for cases where they can show the last positive test and receive a letter from the doctor or public health stating that it is fit to fly. But there is no such provision in the AIR suvidha portal. Small question about the phone number on the self-declaration form. If I use a UK number that may not work as there is no international roaming and I usually buy a local SIM card after landing in India. I don`t have an Indian number to put on the form. . so how I proceed with the contact number.

If the authorities try to contact me during my home isolation, how do I contact me when I include the UK number on the self-declaration form. Hello, I am traveling from Mauritius – Dubai – Mumbai will carry a negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours, arrive in Mumbai within 24 hours and I drive to Mumbai itself less than 5 km from the airport Do I still need to be in mandatory quarantine for 7 days? 1. The Air Suvidha form allows you to add additional passengers, which I did. However, when I received the PDF via email, there was only 1 SR number for the three of us on the same form. Do I have to fill out separate forms for each of them in order to obtain individual SR numbers? Hello Air Suvidha website continues to give errors with uplaod files that say invalid file size even if the files are within the limit of 1 MB. Can you physically fill out the form before boarding the flight, because the Air Suvidha website has always had problems and it continues in such a way that even India is considered the computer paradise? Hello Rahul! Proof of vaccination is not a mandatory requirement for children coming from abroad. Be sure to upload a copy of your passport to the self-declaration form for age verification. She is not required to be tested after arrival, unless she is found symptomatically in thermal screening or among the 2% of international arrivals from a non-threatened country.

For your information, 2% of the total number of passengers on each flight from a non-threatened country is randomly tested. Hello, My in-laws are traveling from New Jersey to the United States in India on November 5th. I filled out the exemption form and the self-declaration form with the Covid final document early in the morning of November 4th. I can access the self-declaration form and print it. But the exemption form says the status “Pending.” How long does it take them to update the status? How do I take a copy of the printout for the exemption form? Where can I get the commitment form on the Air Suvidha portal, Hello, I am traveling from the United States to Delhi on August 14th. I tried to get the RT-PCR COVID test, but they do not allow you to get a test if you have no symptoms and are not referred by a doctor and currently it takes 6-10 days to get the results. Will I be able to get an exemption if I take the rapid test instead of RT-CPR? Also, I live in Jaipur, but my flight is only to Delhi. Can I travel by road from Delhi to Jaipur on arrival or can I take a domestic flight to Jaipur if I don`t have a negative RT-PCR test? Hello, we are traveling with children aged 7 years and 1 year.

I discovered that since last week, the Indian government has waived the RTPCR test requirement for children under 5 years of age. is it verified? How do I submit an Air Suvidha form for my 1-year-old child who does not have a vaccination report or RTPCR exam? In general, how long does it take to update the status after submitting the Air Suvidha form? Can you please inform that I am traveling from Oman to Delhi next week, and the Air suvidha self-declaration form asks to download the vaccination certificate, since my child is 5 years old and is not yet vaccinated, as I fill out the form, it is mandatory. Hi, I`m traveling to India this Sunday (December 6th). I travel Orlando – Newark – Delhi – Bagdogra. In the form air Suvidha, I found that the house number is mandatory (represented by a sign *). However, my house in Bagdogra does not have a house number. Hello Eashwar! Yes, Delhi Airport has a COVID-19 testing center for people traveling from abroad without a negative test report. Please see for more information. Hello, In the form air suvidha, there is a question about diabetes, hypertension, etc. diseases. Could you tell me the impact of explaining the terms? Are there any additional restrictions for people with these diseases? Second, are hard copies mandatory? Please let me know.

Thank you Hello, is it possible to EDIT PNR in the air suvida self-declaration forum because I changed my travel date? I fly from Chicago to New Delhi and from there to Kochi (Kerala). Both flights are VBM and on a single ticket with only 3 hours of stopover. Do I have to register and submit the exemption form and the self-declaration form? Hello Anurag! You can continue the connecting flight domestically after submitting your swab model for testing at Delhi Airport. Please note that you are also subject to a 14-day home quarantine. 1) I read that the RT PCR test is not required for children under 2 years old – so I wanted to confirm with you that and also the problem on the suvidha Rajesh plane, When I fly from Chicago to New Delhi and from there to Kerala If both flights are VBM, I have to apply for an exemption and I need a self-declaration form. Hello Anantha! You do not have to fill out the exemption form if there is no danger of death in the family. Hello Savitha! You will need to fill out a self-declaration form on Air Suvidha, regardless of the itinerary and airline you will be travelling with. You will need to upload a negative COVID test report (RT-PCR) or receipt of the test at Air Suvidha only if you do not wish to be quarantined in an institutional facility upon arrival in Benglauru. Hi, I am travelling with my family from SFO (US) – > Dubai – > Delhi (India) on June 26th with Emirates and the PNR/booking number is the same for the whole trip. What must be entered in the Air Suvidha self-declaration form.

** I have read almost all the comments in this blog about the flight number, some comments say that the flight number should come from the country of origin which is the first flight, but some reviews say international flight landing in India (Delhi), I don`t know which one is correct. My wife and 2 daughters (2 years and 8 years old) are travelling from London to the UK. Could you please indicate what the formalities are so that they can go home without any problems? I have listed some of the things here. Please let me know if I missed anything. I am travelling from Jeddah to ChennaI Transit with Dubai Airport in airsuvida Self-declaration form I need to enter the flight number dubai to Chennai or jeddah to dubai.??? Hello Shourya! Are you travelling to Mumbai via another airport in India? Are you traveling to Mumbai directly from the United States? Is Mumbai your first point of entry and final destination? We can give you accurate information based on your itinerary. .

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