What Is the Definition of Tie up Loose Ends

Attaching loose ends is necessary to really call a completed project. (16) The Australia Act then linked loose ends with regard to the independent existence of state links with Great Britain. 10) Many, many suicides settle their affairs, bind loose ends, provide for their families. 3) As the zombies approach, the now drunk friends try to tie loose bits before devouring their brains. 9) This is your last week of tying loose ends. Make sure you didn`t miss anything. 8). Reshoots are taking place on some big upcoming movies as filmmakers try to tie loose bits and find some structure in their summer event movies. In this example, two friends discuss a surprise party they are planning. 17) The serial opener banded the loose ends of the first series and introduced a bunch of fascinating new threads to pull. 6) Rex worked late to tie loose ends but eventually came home. Colleague 1: All right. Tie these loose ends together, and then have the agreement signed.

11). to pack the house on moving vans. It`s also about tying loose ends and saying goodbye to everyone around you. 14). The fifth is crucial to bind the loose ends and close so many things that were happening before. “Loose ends” are pieces of thread that are visible after sewing. When you “tie loose ends,” it means ending or ending small things that are the result of a previous action or that were incomplete. It is an idiomatic term used in professional and social contexts. Similar meanings such as “pierce the Is and cross the T` or “end”.

If you “don`t leave loose bits,” it means you`re not leaving small tasks unfinished. When you say, “There are still a few loose endings,” you mean that there are still a few things you need to address or address. Karl: Don`t celebrate yet. We`re almost done, but I still have to tie up a few loose bits together. 12) I`m tying loose bits, completing things on my to-do list and trying to do those things. 1). It`s easy to get lost in the excitement, but you need to tie loose bits and prepare for an experience that will be one of the most stressful. 7) I never wanted to leave, but I had to go home and rent loose bits like a house and sell things I won`t need in Thailand. 13). In old age, at what point do you decide that I`d better start tying loose ends? 18). The epilogue was quite satisfying, if not a little unrealistic.

However, the author has loose bits, and I congratulate her on that. Grace: Not much. I`m just tying loose bits together. I have to order the cake online and send the digital invitations via email, then we`re done! The term loose ends refers to the ends of a rope, string or cable that needs to be fixed. Most sources speculate that the term loose ends and the longer term that binds loose ends both come from nautical origins. 19) It`s time to tie the loose ends and end the year strong, so the new year is brand new. 20) When I packed my bags to leave Philadelphia, I decided to tie loose ends, including Shon. I sent him a short farewell email and wished him well. One thing that had to be done before the end of the world was to tie loose ends. 2) Send an email to those I can in PNG to link loose ends, say thank you and express the joy of being in their country. Definition: To complete an unfinished minor task. Friend 1: I`ve heard that there are only three episodes left before your favorite TV show ends forever.

This excerpt also deals with TV shows and how some of them leave parts of the story unexplained and unresolved. Colleague 2: We agreed on all the important details. We just need to make sure both parties are clear about delivery times and volume discounts, but we`re basically done. This excerpt comes from an article about how a TV show ended. To deal with the minor problems that have remained unresolved by Colleague 1: are you ready to conclude the agreement with this new account? This example shows two students using the idiom while working on a school project. .

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